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to learn about 401(k)/IRA rollovers

  • Have you changed jobs or started a new career?
  • Are you about to retire or have you recently retired?
  • Do you have multiple 401(k) plans and other retirement plans?
  • Are you expecting a lump sum distribution from your employer’s retirement plan?
  • Do you know about transferring wealth to beneficiaries through a "stretch" IRA?

Haynes Barker Investment Management, LLC can assist you with a 401(k)/IRA rollover.

An IRA rollover is often an advantageous strategy, allowing you to:

  • Retain the power of tax-deferred compounding
  • Preserve the right to roll your savings into a new employer’s plan in the future
  • Obtain access to a broader range of investment options
  • Avoid significant taxes and penalties that may arise from taking a distribution at this time, including a 20% federal withholding tax and a possible 10% early
    withdrawal penalty
  • Transfer wealth and continued tax deferral on any income and distribution of IRA
    assets to primary, and perhaps even secondary beneficiaries, over a longer period of time

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